Monday, July 28, 2008


Lately, I've been feeling a little bit lonely and have been a bit emo because of it. So, I decided to revisit my version of a robot character from a friends (Trisha) third year film idea. For whatever reason, he always seemed a little emo to me, letting everyone see his heart. Hope you like him, if I remember correctly his official name is "Bolton"?


Juan de Santiago said...

Don't feel lonely Roberto Krete! Your Mexican friend remembers you, what else could anyone possibly need? :P

Trisha said...

I left a comment on your facebook... guess it was supposed to go here ^_^* I fail at facebook and blogs ~_~

Anyways... go check there! And yeah, I get lonely too sometimes, but drawing my 'imaginaries' helps me! (hahaha, I am such a loser) Hope you can find something to lift you spirits :hug: