Monday, July 20, 2009

Over a year of blogging...

Hello out there. I just realized I've missed my 1st anniversary of being a blogger, woah time flies. Honestly, it feels like it wasn't that long ago that I was graduating from Sheridan and putting my first ever post together. A lot has changed since then. When I look at the past year its been a crazy one. A year with some major highs and serious lows but all in all its been decent, haha! Those of you that are close enough to me will understand. One thing is for sure, this past year has been chock full of learning experiences. One of the largest of those was my time in Sudbury working as a bg painter on a show called Dex Hamilton. What an experience! The show had such nice looking layouts and it was wicked to be able to paint some of them. Here is a sample of a key painting I ended up doing, I was (and still am) pretty happy with the results.



John Montenegro said...

Whoa! Epiccccc!!!! I shoulda jes pasted my Avontide City into this. There done BG! :D

Lettie Lo said...

this looks sooo awesome i wish i can see this in big !!!